Sri Trang USA, Inc.

Address:   5820 West Cypress Street, Suite H
Tampa, FL 33607-1785
Main Phone:   1.888.483.6898
Main Fax:   1.813.606.4314
Website:   http://www.SriTrangUSA.Com
Overview:   Sri Trang USA (STU) is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with distribution centers throughout the United States. STU serves the general purpose and exam disposal glove markets, including healthcare, dental, veterinary and food service, and others. Sri Trang USA is wholly owned by Sri Trang Gloves Thailand (STGT), the largest glove producer in Thailand. Sri Trang established its first factory in January 1989. As one of the world’s leading glove production companies, and the manufacturer of Ventyv brands, STGT has 12 glove manufacturing facilities on five campuses producing 35-billion disposable gloves, which are exported to 160+ countries. Ventyv is a full line of disposable hand protection products, including Polymed, one of the longest-standing global brands in the hand protection category. Learn more at or